Monday, October 6, 2008: (St. Bruno)

Jesus said: “My people, things falling all around you are an indication of a coming financial instability that could continue to see failing banks and industries along with continued layoffs. Your credit crisis has now moved from the mortgage sector into the main stream of your economy where businesses, and local and state governments are having difficulties just making their payrolls. When your charge accounts have trouble letting your charges go through, then America’s day to day business will be slowed to a trickle. All the liquidity that banks got from your government is just still sitting there backing up the bad loans. If your credit does not improve quickly, you will see more and more failures. Pray that your Treasury can implement its recovery fast enough before your economy comes to a standstill.”
Jesus said: “My people, this tree, that had fallen in the vision, represents the fall of the United States into the hands of the one world people. The bees making a hive in the tree represents the one world people exploiting what they could of your natural resources and turning your people into slaves. There are various ways that the one world people could bring this about. They could use a crash of your financial markets, a failure of your electric grid, a false terrorist attack, or a combination of the three. The evil ones will use fear tactics to take away your rights in the name of security, and try to force you to take chips in your body. Those, who do take chips in the body, will have voices control their very actions against their will. Refuse to take any chips in the body, even if they threaten to kill you. Put your trust in Me and I will protect your body and soul at My refuges.”