Monday, October 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, Jonah was reluctant to tell Nineveh that they were going to be destroyed because he was fearful that they would kill him. He escaped on a ship, but I brought a huge storm against the ship, and by lots he was chosen to be thrown overboard because he fled his duty. It was then that he was swallowed by a large fish and was in darkness for three days and nights. It was this experience that was similar to My darkness in the tomb for three days as I foretold several times how I would die and rise again. Jonah had to go forward and warn the people of Nineveh to repent. I had My victory over sin and death by My death on the cross, and My glory was witnessed by My Resurrection where My Light dispelled the darkness. The Gospel of the Good Samaritan is familiar as I explained being a neighbor is how you help those in need by your good deeds and not just in words. Always be on guard to use every opportunity to show your love for everyone by helping people in their need. I love everyone as well, and I see to your needs even when you do not ask Me. Imitate My love in giving of yourself, and you will store up treasure in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some men who have infiltrated into My Church to try and destroy it. You have seen the effect of having homosexuals allowed into the seminaries. Losing some priests and paying for all the lawyers’ suits has given My Church bad publicity and has caused churches to close to pay the lawyers. Other infiltrators are trying to minimize My Real Presence and its teaching. There will be a coming division in My Church and the schismatic church will believe in New Age teachings and discard traditional teachings of My apostles. Avoid this modernism and keep My faithful remnant loyal to My true Word in the Gospel. My faithful remnant will survive in My refuges and they will be protected from the evil ones by My angels.”