Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a heart shape that could even represent My Sacred Heart. In the Gospel I asked you to invite people to your dinner without expecting people to repay you. I also am showing you My Sacred Heart of love because I want My faithful to share your faith, love, and donations with everyone, especially the poor. You are aware of how people celebrate Halloween with a lot of evil looking costumes and decorations. I want My faithful to think more of celebrating the vigil of All Saints’ Day. So if you send your children out for candy, do not dress them in evil costumes, but use holy costumes to honor All Saints’ Day and not the evil ones. You did the right thing to pray the long form of the St. Michael Prayer so you give praise and honor to Me, and do not give credit or worship to the evil ones.”

For Yvon: Jesus said: “My people, Yvon was a missionary for his Michael paper for many years. It was unfortunate that he had to suffer and die of cancer at a young age. He worked with Pierre as his peer leader. Their group fights against abortion and many other evils of your society. Yvon is still in upper purgatory and he could use your prayers and Masses.”
Yvon: ‘Hello John, I always had a special place in My heart for you, and we were happy to invite you to share Jesus’ messages. Your words reinforced our own mission to save souls, and make people aware of the evil around them. I am sorry I had to leave so quickly, but I will be praying for My Michael friends, and all of God’s faithful warriors.”

(Vigil of All Saints’ Day) Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a rainbow as My covenant of faith with all of My people. You are seeing the celebration of My saints on their feast day as they rejoice to be in My Presence. The lives of My saints are inspirations for all of you that one day you could be saints as well. I have mentioned before that My faithful will be suffering their purgatory on earth during the tribulation. All of My faithful will see their reward in My Era of Peace, when I will bring My victory over all of the evil ones. Some faithful may be martyred in the tribulation, but they will be raised up to live again in My Era of Peace without dying again. The rest of My faithful will be brought safely to My refuges, and then after the tribulation, they will be raised up as I will recreate the earth. Then all of My saints of the tribulation will live in My Era of Peace. Those people, who were not martyred, will live a long time until their death. After the Era of Peace, My saints in white robes will join the rest of My saints in heaven, and there will be great rejoicing for My victory.”