Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you another major earthquake on land near the Western coast of your country. This split could be severe and some people could die as a result. You have seen a recent earthquake of 7.7 in the Northwest area. You will see some aftershocks, but it also could cause other faults to move as a result. Be prepared for more serious earthquakes, especially if the one world people use the HAARP machine to initiate them. The Gospel reading shows that I healed many people, and some were healed on the day of rest. The Pharisees criticized Me many times for healing people on this day, but they were too focused on the letter of the law instead of on the spirit of the law. They did not want to accept that I was the Second Person of God, and that I was Lord of the Sabbath. I have compassion for all people at all times of the week, and I am listening to your prayers constantly. Call on Me with your petitions and I will answer them in My way and in My time. Give praise and glory to Me in all healings that you see and in all the gifts that you receive.”

Jesus said: “My people, Hurricane Sandy is the second storm in a row after Hurricane Irene last year to strike in the New York State area. This storm was much larger and the damage is larger also. Millions of people are experiencing power outages, and they may have to deal with cold weather and heaters that are not working. I have warned My faithful to have food, water, and alternate fuels for the coming tribulation, so they are already equipped to handle power outages, and to be able to leave their homes for My refuges with their backpacks. Being prepared can help for any kind of disaster as this hurricane. This storm is coming as a wake-up call for America, and as a punishment for your abortions. This storm is being directed by the jet streams and by the use of the HAARP machine. Pray that the damage can be mitigated and without much loss of life.”