Monday, October 29, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, the idea of this vision is about the unknown of what can be seen from the top of the hill. I do not let you know the future of your life because you need to live in the present moment to make your every day decisions. For some, the unknown of tomorrow, or the unknown after death can raise anxieties and even fears. But My faithful need to live in faith and trust of My help, and this will give you peace and rest in your soul. Everyone has to deal with providing for their food, clothing and shelter, but I have told you in the Gospel how I will care for your needs as I provide for the animals around you. So do not have any worries of these earthly things because you are of more value to Me than the birds of the air. As for what comes after your death, you know that I will resurrect My faithful from the dead on the last day so you can be with Me in heaven. You are about to celebrate the feast days of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, but you should have confidence and faith in Me to help make you into a saint one day. If you repent of your sins, love Me, and follow My Commandments, you will one day have your reward as a saint in heaven with Me. So have no fears of this life or the next life because when you are with Me, who could be against you?” (40th Anniversary of Holy Name Church) Jesus said: “My people, this vision of Me as the King of All Nations truly shows you how I have been influential in the history of man from the very creation of the earth. Ever since Adam’s sin and the closing of heaven, the prophets prophesied of a coming Redeemer. Salvation history was fulfilled with My suffering and death on the cross for all of your sins. I repeated to My apostles many times that with My presence among them, the Kingdom of God was at hand on the earth. I am the Son of David, but King of All Nations and not just Israel. When you praise Me every day, you are honoring My kingship, and I am always with you in My Eucharist in My tabernacles. You are celebrating your 40th Anniversary for the Holy Name of Jesus Church, and now it is even more appropriate to have My crucifix on the wall facing the altar. Now when you offer yourself up to Me with the priest at the Consecration, you are sharing in My suffering that you are seeing in My crucifix.”