Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I healed a lady possessed by a demon that had kept her bent over for many years. I healed her on the Sabbath and then she became fully erect without the demon. The Pharisees criticized My healing on the Sabbath, but I told them how they took care of their animals on the Sabbath. The people rejoiced over this healing. The vision of how the road became straight as well represents how when you call on Me, I can help you on the right path to heaven without any detours of the evil one. When you pray every day, I will be at your side to protect you from harm and from the evil ones trying to mislead you. Give Me praise and thanksgiving for all of My gifts and healings that you receive from Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, I want your people of America to repent for all of your sins of abortion. You have the blood of these children on your hands and you must pray to stop your abortions and overturn this decision against My law. Protest these abortions in front of your abortion clinics and vote for people who are against abortion. If your country does not change its sinful ways, you are calling down My justice, and your country will be given to another. I am all loving and I call all of you to be loving and avoid killing in any form. Do not let the devil confuse you to follow the death culture because I am a God of the Living and not of the dead. My faithful also need to be a people of the ‘Living’ because life is too precious to kill.”
Jesus said: “My people, many holy priests have lived as monks in solitude and being close to Me. Venerable Fr. Solanus Casey is a special example of this holiness, even as the people have found his body incorrupt. As you were praying over his resting place, you were drawn to this simple life that I ask everyone to seek for a better spiritual environment. When you are caught up in the worldly distractions of TV and shopping, it is hard to think about Me and your prayers. This is why when you come before Me in My Blessed Sacrament at Adoration, you have a quiet time in contemplative prayer that allows Me to touch your heart with My love. I love all of My faithful and I desire that you make an attempt to live more simply and leave your cares with Me to take care of you. By trusting that I will provide for your needs, you can be more confident in Me with no worries.”
Authenticity of Messengers: Jesus said: “My people, I am raising up many prophets and messengers in every age to give evidence of My Presence among you. Some of My servants are being visited with inner locutions or apparitions. It is hard for My faithful to know the authenticity of every person. This is why such persons should seek out guidance from a spiritual director, and if there are any messages, they should be scrutinized by My Church authorities. Messengers should be obedient to My Magesterium in the Church. Follow these directives in praying for your discernment.”