Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, all of your actions have an effect on others, whether they are good actions or evil actions, just as the wave of water goes out from a boat. In the case of good actions you see the effect of your prayers and evangelization efforts in converting someone’s soul to follow Me. You do good deeds by providing food or housing for the poor to satisfy their needs. There also can be evil deeds such as abortion, euthanasia, or wars that result in the taking of lives. Some organizations or countries can force their atheistic ways on others to take their souls away from Me. Evil men can mandate orders that result in stealing money from people. Other evil people can promote bad movies and pornography in adult shops and magazines, causing sin in others. You have evil influences from bad people all over your world which is why you need to pray to Me and My angels for help to avoid sin and try to change these situations. The worst thing that you could do is to ignore sin and evil going on because you allow it to spread and do more harm to souls. It is better to work to stop evil influences, even if it demands your time and money. I see all of the intentions of your every action and you will have to make an accounting for your actions at your judgment before Me. Guard your intentions and actions to do only good out of love for Me. Remember that your actions have a lasting effect on those around you, so work on giving good example at all times.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you were baptized with My cleansing water, you were healed of original sin and all sin. Then grace came into your soul and you received the gift of faith which you must share with everyone. Many people seek physical healings, but My spiritual healings of the soul are even more important. Once you have My grace and accept Me into your heart with full faith and trust, then you will be predisposed to accept physical healings. It is your faith that will heal you. When I heal someone, I heal the whole person both body and soul. In the same way I heal you also when you receive My Real Presence into your heart and soul in Holy Communion. Give praise and glory to Me because I am the great Healer, and I use many instruments to heal people both in body and soul.”