Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, there is a battle of good and evil going on all around you every day where both sides are fighting for souls. You may find yourself in some churches where they teach New Age principles, and they belittle My Blessed Mother’s rosary. Beware when anyone teaches heretical facts against the faith. If someone teaches that Bible stories are myths, if they teach New Age worship and Reiki, or they teach that sexual sins are no longer sins, then you need to stand up and witness against such teachings. You may get persecuted and put down because some clergy think that they are more intelligent than you are. My laity will save My Church from such clergy that teach heresies. If you cannot change this heretical teaching, then move to a church that teaches correctly. This is another sign that the division is coming soon in My Church where the schismatic church will be separated from My faithful remnant. You eventually will be forced to have Masses in the home if you can find a faithful priest. The persecution of Christians will get so bad with some being martyred that you will then have to call on Me and your guardian angel to lead you to My refuges of protection. When you are confronted by heretical teaching in the religion classes, you also should speak out against such errors. Even if they throw you out of such classes, at least you have warned the people of false teaching. Do not let those teaching heresies go unchallenged when you know they are teaching against My Church laws and My Commandments. You will be rewarded in heaven for defending the faith. But those who do nothing against heresies could suffer in purgatory for condoning such lies by their inaction. Pray for My discernment in all that you hear from the pulpit and in person, and let the Holy Spirit speak through you to answer such heresies.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I healed a woman of a demon who had been torturing her for eighteen years, and still I received criticism for healing her on the Sabbath.(Luke 13:10-17) Demons even today are torturing people with various addictions from drinking, drugs, gambling, computers, smoking, and overeating. People have various weaknesses to sin and some of these tendencies are inherited. Most all of these excessive addictions are associated with demons. In order to heal these addictions, the first step is to admit that you have a problem, and the second step is to desire to heal your addiction. In all cases you need to pray for a healing, and have faith in Me that you can be healed. If you cannot heal your addiction on your own, then you may need counseling or a withdrawal from what is causing the addiction. Prayers, healing from healers, exorcisms, or miracles can also help in healing addictions. The price of removing an addiction could be high and it could require persistent prayer and fasting over some years. Even Mass intentions could help remove the demons. By realizing that demons are attached to addictions, then you can see that this is a spiritual battle to win with My help. Never give up on any healing, and be persistent in your prayers for any person with an addiction.”