Monday, October 20, 2008: (St. Paul of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My people, this circling disk in the ceiling of a church represents the time of the Warning, when everyone will experience their own life review. It is after the Warning that you will experience divisions in My Church from the infiltration of New Age teachings. Remember when I told you that if you see New Age teaching or New Age idols in a church that you are attending, then leave that church. If most churches have such flaws, then you need to find an underground Mass with a faithful priest. After the Warning you will also see other signs as a world famine, and mandatory chips in the body, and martial law. These are all signs to you to call on Me, and your guardian angel will lead you with a physical sign to the nearest interim refuge or final refuge for protection. The evil that you are about to witness is the worst that you have ever seen, and you will need My angels and not your guns to defend your bodies and souls. Trust in My protection and My giving you your necessities throughout this tribulation.”