Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015: (St. Isaac Joques & companions)
Jesus said: “My people, you know how money can be the root of many evils, when people fight and kill for money. Certain people want to be rich for themselves in how many possessions they could buy. Others who have money, are willing to share it with the poor, and those in need. Money can be used for good, and if you tithe your income, you can store treasure in heaven. Remember that money and possessions are only temporary, while you are alive. You cannot take anything past the grave, so your eternal destination is more valuable than any passing wealth. Those, who are selfish with their money, will have empty hands when they come to their judgment. Share what you have now, and your heavenly treasure can balance off your sins with less time in purgatory. Money of itself is not evil, but it is the evil things that you do to acquire it, or spend it on evil actions, that can be sinful. Trust in Me for acquiring all that you need for your family to survive, and do not just trust in your wealth.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, your forefathers, who wrote your Constitution, wanted a government that was for the people and by the people. Now you have Presidents who are usurping the Congress’ powers and the whole process is deadlocked instead of making some compromises. Whoever is in power, lords it over the other party, and the people do not have much say in their government. You now have the one world people and the rich controlling the elections and the Congress people and the Senators. In the original Constitution, you gave honor to your Creator, but your laws are now defying My Commandments. Because your country supports abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia in your laws, you are calling down My punishment on your nation. Pray for your leaders to support the wishes of the people, instead of their own personal agendas.”