Monday, October 19, 2009: (St. Isaac Jogues and companions)

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard the parable of the rich man who pulled down his barns to build larger ones to hold his bountiful harvest, but then his life was required of him and to whom would his possessions go to? I concluded with telling the people that you should spend yourself in helping people instead of growing rich only for yourself. This same story can be seen in your real estate market today. Many rich people are buying choice properties in order to tear down the old buildings so they can build their new rich looking buildings. This is happening whether it is for homes or for businesses. Man’s thinking has not changed over the years, but the same lesson still applies that you would rather grow rich in My graces than in accumulated money or possessions. When you die, you cannot take your wealth with you. So live your life for the present moment, making the best use of your time in helping others and appreciating My creation.”
Jesus said: “My people, most all of your bad storms have occurred in the Pacific Ocean where hurricane’s have come into Baja California and typhoons into the Philippines and Asia. There have been some deaths and major damage done to the Philippines. Even major earthquakes have been occurring with a high frequency along the Asian Ring of Fire. A major tsunami came from Samoa where there was an 8.0 earthquake. Other earthquakes in Indonesia have taken some lives as well. All of these violent natural disasters have been damaging and quite frequent in numbers. Those, who have the eyes of faith, can see that these events fit the Bible’s description of the end times that you are in right now. Be watchful of an incident that could be used to declare martial law, because the one world people are looking for the least little excuse to take over America and the world. When that time arrives, ask for My help to have your angels lead you to safety at My refuges.”