Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010: (St. Luke)
Jesus said: “My people, in this world of sin, a soul has to be discerning of the proper behavior to follow. If many of your friends are having pre-marital sex, it does not make it right by My law. If many of your friends are taking drugs or getting drunk, it also does not make it right by My Commandments. Just because you want to have people accept you, you do not have to follow their sinful behavior. This is how some people get attached to the wrong crowd which can lead them into trouble in their spiritual and physical lives. Even some parents can mislead their children into sex before marriage, drinking, drugs, and swearing. Every soul is given a conscience and certain behaviors have a wrong feeling that is your first warning of sinful behavior. This is why it is important for each soul to have a properly formed conscience to know right from wrong without any rationalizations. Do not just think because some friends are doing sinful behavior that it is permissible against My laws. Every soul has to stand in judgment before Me, and performing sins against Me because you thought everyone was doing it, will not make it right. You will still have to make reparation for your sinful behavior. So it is important to properly discern any of your actions by seeking My approval. Test yourself before you act. You have many temptations to commit sin every day, and one of the devil’s favorite traps is that everyone is doing it. But it is not right to follow sinful behavior for any reason.”

Jesus said: “My people, in normal weather the weather people have plenty of time to forecast bad weather coming, in order to warn people to get under cover. It is when the HAARP microwave machine is used that you can see very quick violent weather appear all at once. In these cases as with tornadoes and hurricanes, the winds can change direction rapidly and put many people at risk. When bad weather persists or gets very violent, it is most likely when the HAARP machine is being used. Russia also has several of these machines and they could be enhancing storms in the Pacific Ocean. These machines can be used to cause various natural disasters which can be used against the one world people’s enemies, or for causing emergencies to justify martial law. Pray for My protection from these evil ones in all of their evil plans.”