Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011: (St. Ignatius of Antioch)
Jesus said: “My people, those, who were martyred for their faith, are in a high level of heaven because of their sacrifice for love of Me. They are now celebrating with Me in heaven at a great banquet table with a red tablecloth. I have mentioned before in My messages that those, who die in defending the faith in Me, will become instant saints in heaven. They may not be all recognized as saints in My Church, but they are still honored as such in heaven. As the coming tribulation is about to start, there will again be a time of persecution where many will die for their faith. I have told you not to worry about your life on earth as long as you are close to Me in My sacraments. Whether you die as a martyr, or you are protected at My refuges, you will be sharing in My Kingdom in heaven. Give thanks to Me for all the models of inspiration that My martyred saints represented for you on earth. It was because of their steadfastness in the faith that many converts were led to the faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, already you are seeing Christmas things appearing in your stores. In the Gospel I spoke of the greed of the man who was trying to get a part of his brother’s inheritance. The greed for money has been with man all throughout history. Even today your shopkeepers start advertising Christmas gifts sooner and sooner. By rushing the beginning of Christmas shopping, they can extend the season to make more money. Most shops make their biggest profits around the Christmas season. Even with such a focus on Christmas shopping, these greedy shopkeepers are very careful not to mention the word, ‘Christmas’, even though it is My birth that is being celebrated. I have asked people to put ‘Christ’ back into Christmas because I am the center of this feast. If My people did not buy their presents until later, then these shopkeepers might stop rushing this season. It is good to share gifts with each other as the Magi did in bringing Me gifts, but the focus should be more on loving Me than the gifts that you share. Do not spend so many long hours in the stores, when you can better share your time with Me in prayer before My crib or My tabernacle. If you want to express your love for Me on Christmas, you could display My Nativity Scene at your house.”