Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I have loved all of you all the time at every moment, and I will continue to love you, even in your soul after your death. I loved you when I created your soul and body in your mother’s womb. I love you every moment of every day of your life. I love you now, and I will love you forever. This eternal flame represents My eternal love for everyone, even those people who reject Me. In response to My love, I desire in your human possible way to show Me your love in every moment in your prayers, in your good deeds, in your Holy Communions, and in all of your moments that you adore Me. Remember what I told Martha about her sister Mary. Mary stayed by Me to listen to My words, and she adored Me. I told Martha that Mary has chosen the better part of loving Me, and it shall not be taken away from her. My people, if you focused on loving Me every moment, the devil could never get you to sin. Even if you said: ‘Jesus, I love you.’ all the time during the day, you would please Me greatly. When you love your wife or husband, you are constantly showing your love by being with your spouse, and caring for each other’s needs. In a similar way, I want you to imitate My love for others, and tell Me how much you love Me. Remember that in heaven there is only love and peace. So when you love Me and love your neighbor as yourself, you are preparing yourself for an eternity of love with Me in heaven.”

(Canadian Thanksgiving Day). Jesus said: “My people, it is a happy moment when all of your family members can come together from all over to enjoy each other’s company and share your stories of life. This is a great time to catch up on how each of your children and grandchildren are doing. It is a time to also support one another both physically and spiritually. Try to avoid watching TV, so you can spend some quality time with your family members. My son, keep in mind that you would like to have your family stay with you at your refuge. You will have an opportunity after the Warning to work on evangelizing any family members that may be away from Me for any reason. You are thankful for all of My gifts to you and this meal is a chance to thank Me for all the lives of your family that are in your care. You also have spiritual families that you are close to, as in your prayer group and your family at your Sunday Mass. You share a spiritual bond with all of your friends, and you are familiar with your neighbors in church. You even have a wider family in the human family all over the world. I have asked you to pray for all sinners who have not been judged yet. I have even asked some of you to reach out in love to evangelize souls in all of the nations. You all are called by your Baptism and Confirmation to try and save as many souls as you can with My help. I have brought salvation to all of you with My death on the cross. You are My hands and My feet to bring My Good News to everyone, and encourage them to accept Me as Master of their lives by seeking My forgiveness of their sins. Rejoice and give thanks to Me for bringing you salvation and the gift of life to each of you. You have My gift of faith and My sacraments to also be thankful for. Remember the reason for your Thanksgiving feast, which should be to give Me thanks for all that you have.”