Monday, October 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I talked of My time as an evil age that Solomon and Jonah will condemn. This present age is also evil and the saints and prophets speak of its condemnation. Every age seeks a sign, but this vision of garbage being emptied into a dump is a confirmation of the spiritual trash that is littered all over your world. You realize the danger of leaving rotting garbage laying around, so you dispose of it in your land fills. You also have the stench of your evil sins laying around, but you are not as quick to get rid of your drug houses, prostitution places, adult book stores, and your abortion clinics. These occasions of sin are the snares of the devil that are inviting innocent souls into sin. If your society wants to clean up its spiritual trash, these are the places that need to be cleansed. All of this filthy behavior disgusts Me, and you are calling down My wrath if you do not change your ways.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a very graphic picture of how you are aborting My babies. You abort one-half to one-third of all babies conceived in the world. Here in the United States your population would be below replacement if it were not for all of your immigrants. Many do not see what takes place in a real abortion, so the general population is unaware of how gruesome and ugly your abortions are. The unborn have no rights in your laws, but you protect endangered species of many animals that are less valuable than a human life. You are acting like God in choosing who lives and who dies. There is big money in abortion, and some doctors get rich on this blood money. Those, who perform abortions, will have a heavy punishment due to these sins. Those mothers, who kill their babies, can be forgiven, but they also will pay a heavy price for defying My plan for these lives. When you see the millions of abortions being performed, now you know why America will be taken over and many will be killed as your punishment. Pray to stop your abortions in America, and struggle to convince these mothers to have their babies, instead of living with the guilt of killing their baby.”