Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, as you prepare for your election for President, you are seeing all the evil forces trying to promote the establishment candidates. You have seen a dictatorial control over you at all levels of your government. Those people, who want to control you, are doing everything to keep themselves in power. Your leaders have little care for the people, and they are only focused on their own fortunes. This may be the last election to stop your socialist government from taking over. You have seen voter fraud in the past, and it will continue in this election. If the current establishment wins again, then you will see mandatory chips in the body, and you will be forced into the North American Union. Pray that your people do not believe all of the lies of the one world candidates, and vote for a democratic republic instead of socialism.”

(Prayer meeting for the election) Jesus said: “My people, I hear your sincere prayers here, and other places for a pro-life candidate to win the election tomorrow. You know how the polls are, but I want you to have faith that I can answer your prayers. You remember another cause with Louis Saia when he heard My Blessed Mother say to him: ‘Just have faith in my Son, Jesus.’ Because of his faith in Me, he won his case. So today, you have to have faith that I can turn the tide for the pro-life candidate to win. Pray from your heart, and have faith in Me, and you will be granted your request to your prayer. In the Scripture you have heard Me say ‘Seek and you will find, and ask for a favor and it shall be granted to you.’ Focus on your faith in My power, and you will see great things happen.”