Monday, November 5, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, there are a lot of traditions in the Mass that give more reverence to the meaning of My Real Presence in the bread and wine. There were Communion rails for kneeling and receiving Holy Communion on the tongue. There was the ringing of the bells at the Consecration and a placement of My tabernacle behind the middle of the altar. Today, very few genuflect to My tabernacle which is sometimes hard to find in modern churches. The Communion rails on the altar are gone, and people receive Holy Communion in the hand and standing. Very few churches still ring the bells at the Consecration time. This vision of the ringing of the bells at the Consecration and all of these other traditions, are to honor My Real Presence in the consecrated Host. By minimizing this reverence for My Host in these lost traditions, it is no wonder that the majority of those at Mass do not even believe in My Real Presence. It is the job of the clergy to emphasize the need for believing in My Real Presence, and if the reverence is not there for My Eucharist, then it teaches the wrong message. There is spiritual power and grace in My Blessed Sacrament, and this is My gift of Myself to you until the end of time.” Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel speaks about welcoming everyone to your celebrations and banquets, and not just those who can repay you. I want you to always be open in charity to help those in need spontaneously without holding back or being invited. You share among your friends and relatives because you are comfortable out of love to help them. I am asking you to go the extra mile to help the poor and those that you do not know, even when you may need to act outside of your comfort zone. If you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, and mourn with the families of the deceased, then you have helped Me in them, and you will have your reward in heaven. If you did not do this for Me in them, and you refused the opportunities that I gave you, then you may suffer in purgatory or even hell for your selfishness and sins of omission. (Matt. 25:31-46) I give you all the gifts of this world and the spiritual gifts out of My love, and I want all of My faithful to share your love with Me and your love for your neighbor with your time, talent, and money. Your gifts to others are your way of sharing love with them, and love with Me in them.”