Monday, November 24, 2008: (Vietnamese martyrs)

Jesus said: “My people, in the beginning of the coming tribulation it will be most important to first find a place of hiding from the authorities that are trying to kill all Christians and patriots. Your first stop may not have a lot of food and water, but your interim refuge will keep you safe for a while. At this large barn in the vision you will have a soft place to sleep on the hay, but I will have to multiply your food and water in your backpacks. This is why you need to have food and water in your backpacks when you leave your homes. As you see more and more events and signs leading up to a takeover of your country, it becomes more important to have your preparations for leaving all in place. Ask for My help because you are seeing signs in My messages, from others, and in the secular world.”
Jesus said: “My people, as much as you do not want abortion and you wish to keep your sovereignty rights, the one world people are going to press on with their agenda whether you like it or not. Through major deficit spending in the name of bailing out banks and stimulus spending to try and revive your economy, your leaders are threatening to bankrupt your government in the process. Your leaders are so concerned with the survival of your economy, they forget that you cannot have so much debt that you cannot pay the interest or auction off the bonds needed to cover the debt. The larger the government’s debt, the harder it is to finance, and the less confidence lenders have that their principle is safe, let alone receive their interest. Remember that bankrupting your country is the goal of the one world people. You cannot spend more than you earn in your household, and the same is true of your government overspending. Unfortunately, these evil ones are carrying out their plot for takeover by steam rolling over the will of the people. You do not want chips in the body, nor a North American Union, but they are working to force these things on you. Refuse to take any chips in the body, and be ready to leave for your refuges once the evil ones start mandatory chips in the body and martial law. In the end I will overpower these evil ones, and I will dash them all into hell because My power is much more than theirs. Evil will receive its just punishment, but your good deeds will bring about your reward in heaven.”