Monday, November 2, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, a number of well placed EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) bombs or weapons could disable all of your vehicles, computers, and appliances that run on microchips that would be inactivated. Even cell phone chips would be disabled. An army, that could then come in and take over, would have to have vehicles and communications without microchips. The old points in the engine and vacuum tubes for communication equipment would not be affected. This would also be a good backup for such an attack. This EMP attack would disable most transportation except horses and bicycles, and old points run vehicles. To know the effects over distance and inside bomb shelters, you need to do some research. The one world people have access to this technology and it could be employed for a massive takeover if they wanted to limit people’s escape. Be prepared for having your microchips disabled or your electricity turned off. This is why having bicycles, old cars, or horses would be useful against these attacks. Call on My protection and I will have My angels shield you from the evil ones.”