Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, I am the Light of the world and I open your eyes to faith, even as I healed the blind man of his sight in the Gospel. You all have a choice by your free will to either remain in the darkness of your sin, or you can come into My Light and I will show you the way to heaven. Faith is a gift to believe in Me as the center of your life. If you have true faith in Me, then you will be capable of many things that you did not think possible by your human ways. But when you follow My ways, life will open many opportunities of grace before you. When you have My peace and joy within you, you cannot just keep it to yourself. My love wants to be shared with everyone. It is your sin that holds you back from being the person that I want you to be. Open your hearts to My Word and listen to what I want you to accomplish. You will no longer follow your will, but give all of yourself over to Me. You will then achieve great works for My greater glory in all of your evangelization efforts. It is saving your soul and the souls around you that is your mission of love. With My help you can share your love with Me and your neighbor. Call on the Holy Spirit to speak the words through you that could bring My love to others. Just as you see the dawn of a new day come into your eyes, so My Light comes into your hearts and you are no longer blind, but you see with the eyes of faith.”  Jesus said: “My people, I have mentioned before that you would see ongoing droughts in various parts of your country. This vision of a dry sewer is even an indication that these droughts could even get severe. Out West they depend on heavy snows in the mountains to provide their melt water down their rivers. A cut back in winter snow could also threaten their water supply. Places in the South have grown very dry with rainfall considerably below normal. The warmer that your seasons become, there is less chance for rain, and evaporation will affect your lakes and reservoirs. I have told you also that fresh water sources are diminishing, and more population will make this worse. Pray for continued rains to help the severe drought areas. It did rain after the Georgia governor prayed for rain.”