Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I have been talking to you of a coming split in My Church which is very much like the first reading when the good Israelites refused to change their religious customs, even when they were threatened with death. Even in the coming days, you are going to see some clergy who will try to change your religious customs. You will see some priests changing the words of the Consecration at Mass, and I will no longer be present in their Masses. You will see more heretical teachings that will accept New Age things as Reiki and other things that are not correct according to your Catechism of the Catholic Church. When you see these heresies, you will need to go to another church. Once the schismatic church controls most of the churches, then My faithful remnant will need to have Mass underground with a faithful priest. This division in My Church is coming among you very soon. You will also start to see a stronger persecution coming from your own government against all the people who will not obey your government mandates. They will try to force heretical things upon you, that you must reject. These evil ones will threaten your lives because of your faith. At this point of severe persecution, you will need to leave for My refuges and the protection of My angels. Be prepared to stand up for your faith, even if you are criticized for not changing your beliefs. Your life may be in jeopardy for keeping close to My ways, instead of following man’s ways.”

Jesus said: “My people, your movie stars are always in your entertainment news, and they are very famous and usually rich. On the contrary, My saints should be looked up to for their holy lives, and most of them were poor in the world’s eyes. The saints are your real heroes, and you could imitate their lives to bring your souls closer to Me in heaven. Many of the saints gave up their wealth, and they held the richness of My graces in My sacraments of more value than any things of the world. All of these missions have a special character that shows how important the missionaries were in bringing the faith to the people. Even as you attend many Masses, you need to pray for your priests and bishops who need your physical and spiritual help to keep faithful to their vocations. In your rosaries, call on My Blessed Mother to keep the clergy protected under her mantle of protection.”