Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015: (St. Margaret of Scotland)
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you read how an evil king forced Gentile ways over the Israelites. The evil ones even destroyed the scrolls of the Covenant, and tried to force them to eat unclean meats. Many of the Israelites refused to follow these ways against their religion, and some of them were martyred as a result. My people of America, you are seeing similar activities against My teachings being forced on you from those who do not believe in Me. You have atheists leading laws and court decisions to legalize abortions, same sex marriages, and even euthanasia. Your country was formed on Christian principles, but you are now being controlled by pagan and atheistic people. They are even forcing socialism on you, which is nothing more than a communist state on your people. Just as you read of the Israelites being martyred for their beliefs in God, so you will be seeing increased persecution and eventually martyrdom for your faith in Me. In many places your world does not worship Me, and you even see Muslims killing Christians in barbaric killings by beheading people. You will soon see the Antichrist come into power, and there will be a tribulation where My believers will be persecuted and killed. I am raising up refuges as safe havens for My faithful to be protected by My angels. After My Warning, you will see this evil one come into power. Call on Me and My angels to protect you. You will see Me come in victory over these evil ones, so have patience and trust in My protection.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have mentioned several things and projects that you need to get ready. First you still need to get some plastic drains to connect your gutters to your barrels. You may want to buy two more barrels for your down spouts. Remember that you can only collect rainwater when it is above freezing, or the water will freeze in your barrels. In the winter, you could collect snow and melt it inside by your heaters. I want you to try your kerosene burner inside to see how much heat you will get. You can also put some logs on fire in your fireplace so you know how to control the flue for getting heat. Also try your electric fan if you have electricity. You can even use your Coleman stove to give heat downstairs. Keep working to get your solar panels installed, and you may have to order a wood shed to put it together before the snow comes. Write down all of these items so you can check them off when they are done. Do not let your preparations get put off while you have the time to accomplish them. Once you have your projects completed, then you will be ready when your refuge will be needed. I am trusting that you will do all that you can to help the people who will come.”