Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016:
Jesus said: “My pilgrims, I am thanking you for following My desire for you to come to the martyr’s walk before the end of the Year of Mercy. I told you how the souls that were released from purgatory are also thanking you for making the effort to do this walk. I want to remind you to continue praying for the souls in purgatory and for the conversion of poor sinners. You will soon be thanking Me for everything at your Thanksgiving Day feast. Even now you are seeing preparations being made by your shopkeepers for My coming at Christmas. You are also seeing an end coming to My Year of Mercy. There may be a new year that could celebrate My justice, but your Pope has not made such an announcement. Continue to be prepared for any martial law that could happen, because you have yet to see the complete response of the one world people to your new President-Elect’s election. Keep praying for your protection from the evil ones, because My plans will overpower their plans.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know you have been wondering what is the other major disaster that could happen this year. In the vision you are sensing an event that could kill thousands of people. You were also wondering what the one world people would do to try and stop your President-Elect from taking office. The one world people could resort to some very ruthless activity to maintain power. You have seen the HAARP machine being used to cause major disasters to promote their evil plans. So you have the possibility that these evil ones could use the HAARP machine to cause a major earthquake or a major storm that could kill a lot of people. Such an event could trigger the martial law that the evil ones want for their takeover. If this event comes this year, then they could prevent your President-Elect from taking office. Be prepared for the one world people’s response to stopping your President-Elect.”