Monday, November 12, 2007: (St. Josaphat)

Jesus said: “My people, nothing is sacred anymore for thieves and vandals. Break-ins to steal church collections are becoming more common. Even thefts of My consecrated Hosts for black masses are paid big money by the evil ones. Fires in churches have occurred as well. Satan has attacked My priest sons in many scandals, but he also gets thieves to commit vandalism on the physical churches. You are seeing some churches closed because of these scandals and a lack of priests and parishioners. In some areas the faith is weak in terms of attendance, but My faithful priest sons, who keep My traditions, are attracting more people in other areas. Support your pastors both physically in donations and spiritually in prayer. By invoking My protection, My churches will be protected even from these evil thieves and vandals.” Jesus said: “My people, the weather this winter will have some unusual high winds that could cause snow and ice which could result in poor visibility and many accidents. This vision of a truck turned over is an example of the accidents that could occur. People in cars or large trucks will have to be wary of the weather reports before they proceed. Keep some holy water and blessed sacramentals in your vehicles for safety in your travel. When you are traveling to do missions or talks, you will need more spiritual protection against the evil ones who may try to thwart you in your work. Pray for My protection at the start of every trip, and place holy water around in your vehicle. Give thanks to Me and your guardian angel every time you return from your travels unharmed.”