Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of people taking free bread rolls from the back of a truck, reminds you of the people in My time who were seeking more free bread and fish from My multiplication of these things. You have such programs for the poor in welfare situations which were intended for the old, the infirm, or handicapped that could not physically work. Instead, now there are even young people who can physically work, but they are looking for free handouts out of laziness. Even in the Scriptures of My early Church, some talked of no supper for those who did not work. People should at least seek what employment is available before asking for free handouts. It is better to help people to find work so they can support themselves, than to ruin a person’s self-worth with handouts for no work. I multiplied the food because I took pity on the people for being with Me for days in a deserted place. My real message was more for their spiritual lives with My Eucharistic bread to feed their souls. This is why these miracles of multiplying the bread are to draw attention to how I share My Body and Blood in Holy Communion. I freely give My sacraments of grace to My people because you need to come to Me for graces in your souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, right after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese reactor lost power for its cooling, and a considerable amount of radiation was released. This caused a large evacuation of twenty miles, and this was headline news for several months. Now that this reactor is no longer making headlines, there are still questions over how much radiation is still leaking, and how long until people can return to their homes. This even was rated as bad as Chernobyl by the total amount of radiation given off. Some research might be in order to see if any more information is available, and who is monitoring any ongoing radiation leaks. These reactors may be hot for some time, and they may have to be sealed in concrete like Chernobyl. See what the long term plans are for this radioactive site.”