Monday, May 4, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have come to save the lost people of Israel and I taught the Jewish people. I also told you in Sunday’s Gospel (Jn 10:11-18) ‘I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.’ I came to save all of mankind and not just the Jewish people. In today’s first reading that talks about the Holy Spirit entering the Gentiles to be saved, this highlights St. Peter and St. Paul’s mission to the Gentiles. I welcome all peoples to be saved, but I emphasized to My disciples that I was the only Gate to heaven. Everyone must come through Me because it was I who paid for everyone’s soul by My death on the cross. I was the Divine Sacrifice that could only be accepted by My Father in heaven. But I do have many sheep folds and I prepare many mansions in heaven as well. Do not think that My Roman Catholic faithful are the only ones in heaven, but you have the fullness of the faith. Everyone, who repents of their sins and accepts Me as Master of their lives and Savior of their souls, will be open to enter heaven. You need to make reparation for your sins and help others with your good deeds as you prepare yourself for your judgment. Always be open to doing My Will and keeping your soul pure, for you know not the hour that I will take you home to Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to understand a handicapped person’s disability unless you have been disabled for a short time. Sometime in your life you may have sprained or broken your leg or foot. Maybe you have had hip replacement or any other operation that required crutches or a wheelchair. Living through life with a handicap may limit your work options and you may be dependent more on others to get around. Some of My victim souls suffer greatly from their handicaps, but they can offer up their pain or inconvenience to help someone else in their spiritual life. All victim souls and handicapped people have a more difficult cross to carry. I call out to these souls to join their suffering with Me on My cross. This can be redemptive suffering which can be used to save other souls from hell, and store up treasure in heaven for the victim soul. No matter what physical difficulties you may have to suffer in this life, give it all over to Me so I can use you to accomplish the mission that I have planned for your life.”