Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010: (Visitation, Memorial Day)
Our Lady said: “My dear children, this feast day of My Visitation is joyful in celebrating new life, and there is joy as I gave my Magnificat in the Gospel. This feast also comes on your Memorial Day when you are reminded of all the lives that were lost in your wars. As you think of lives lost, you also can shed a tear for the many lives lost from abortion, both in your country and in the rest of the world. Much of this killing could be avoided, but these are two intentions that I have asked you to pray for in your rosaries. They are peace in your world and the stoppage of abortion. In your newspapers you are reading of many Catholic churches being closed. This is another sad time that could have been avoided. It is because your people have become lax in their daily rosaries and their Sunday Mass attendance that many of your churches are being forced to close. This loss of faith is another sign of the end times, but it is not a reason to give up hope. There will always be a faithful remnant of my prayer warriors, and it is this group that my Son and I are counting on to pray for the lukewarm. When the Warning comes, you will be called on to evangelize these souls the best that you can. Call on all of us in heaven in prayer to support your spiritual lives, and be good examples for others.”