Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013: (St. Bernardine of Siena)
Jesus said: “My people, as you see this loudspeaker announcing the words of My Gospel, My faithful need to also be ready to share My Word, so the people can learn about Me and be converted. Spreading My Gospel message of love is everyone’s duty so more souls can be saved from hell. By following My Commandments and wearing your blessed sacramentals, you can protect your soul from the temptations of the devil. In the Gospel reading you read how I exorcized the mute demon out of a boy. My apostles had tried to bring the demon out, but they could not do so. To accomplish such a deliverance, My faithful need to have faith in My power to do such an exorcism. You can pray a binding of the spirits prayer to bind such demons to the foot of My cross in My Name, Jesus, and never to return. Some evil spirits are strong or there may be multiple demons. In these cases, I told My apostles that this kind requires prayer and fasting. (Matthew’s Gospel) You can also pray a St. Michael’s prayer for a person’s deliverance of a demon as well. An exorcist priest would be best, or you can pray and fast with deliverance prayers. Demons do exist, and people can be possessed or obsessed by them. Call on Me to send you My angels, if you are attacked by demons, or you are praying for the deliverance of a soul from a demon.”

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel a man asked Me to remove a demon from his son, but he was a little doubtful when he said if I could do it. There was a doubt in My power, possibly because he saw that My apostles could not cast out the demon. In order for Me to heal someone, they need to be confident that I can heal them. If you truly have faith in My healing, then it will be accomplished as a miracle. Once I healed his son by calling out the demon from the boy, the man believed. This is when he prayed to Me, and he asked Me to help him with his unbelief. Today, there are many people who do not believe in Me, or My healing power. They also can be healed of their unbelief, if they would take one step forward in accepting Me into their lives. When these souls are converted, the truth of My words will set them free. Have faith in Me, and I will give you the graces to carry out your mission.”