Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you travel to your refuge, you may have to sleep overnight outside in your small tent. Be prepared to carry a small tent, a sleeping bag, and food and water for a few days. I will multiply what you need if it takes longer. There will come a day when you will have to leave your homes for a refuge unless you will be a refuge or an interim refuge. Interim refuges will need to pray for discernment and have extra food and bedding for people on their way to a final refuge. The signs for leaving for the refuges will be: a world famine, division in My Church, mandatory chips in the body, pandemic virus, and martial law. Those, who do not leave right away, will be risking capture and death in the detention centers. Final refuges will be places of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, places of holy ground that have worshiped Me in Adoration, monasteries, and caves. At the refuge you will see an angel, a luminous cross in the sky, a spring of water, and shelters multiplied for everyone. Food and water will be multiplied and everyone will need to work using their talents. Call on Me when it is given to go, and you will follow your guardian angel with a physical sign to the nearest refuge or interim refuge. Trust in My protection and have no fear because I am more powerful than the demons.”
Jesus said: “My people, your economy is still weak in selling homes and cars because many are not sure if they will be laid off of their jobs or not. Bankruptcies are coming in your auto industry, and dealers are going to be on their own. This will mean more layoffs continuing the high unemployment rate. Weaknesses and continuing foreclosures continue to be a problem for those providing mortgages in your government take over of its agencies. The largest threat to your government is a loss in tax money and trying to finance your huge deficit budget. All of these problems are going to cause a bankruptcy of your government and then all of your payments to seniors, the unemployed, and welfare recipients will cease causing riots and chaos. This will precipitate martial law and the need to go to your refuges. Many try to suggest things are getting better, but businesses are still suffering losses over last year. It may not be as bad, but it is not turning around as your speculators are claiming. Keep everything in your backpacks ready to go to your refuges because it is just a matter of time until the Antichrist declares himself. Trust in My help and you will have peace in your heart and soul.”