Monday, May 11, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, at times you admire someone’s wood carving or some beautiful painting, or sculpture. In your society today it is hard to find craftsman or artisans as you had in the past. Even as you acknowledge man’s handiwork in many industries, it does not compare to the Master Builder in Me. How can you compare a sunset, the flowers, or even the human body to anything that man can make? Once you recognize this difference between the Creator and the creature, then you understand your place in all of creation. Your mission here is to know, love, and serve Me in keeping in harmony with My plan, even as the rest of nature is in conformance with My plan for their existence. This is why you need to make Me the Master of your life, and seek to repent of your sins. Many times man has pride in all of the things that he makes and can do, but you need to remember who made you and who gave you all of your talents. Everything that you have has come from Me, even if you had a part in making things. It is this recognition of your dependence on Me that you should have more trust in My Word that I will care for you in all of your needs. Be patient and do not spend all of your time in pursuit of more than you need. Instead of focusing on accumulating wealth and possessions, work to share your excess with others in need. By loving Me in your actions and helping others out of love for Me, you will find great joy in your work of love.”
Jesus said: “My people, as you walk through crowds of people, you see people in various moods, and varying levels of faith. Some people are very jovial, loving, and outgoing. Some are quiet and unresponsive. Some are bored, or depressed, and some are mean and looking for a fight. My faithful, who love Me and know what love is, should be like the first type that are happy, loving, and caring. You have confidence and trust in Me, so you should have no worries and look to help people in need. When you let Me lead your life, you are not searching, but are satisfied to do My will. Some are seeking money and possessions, but they find little happiness in such things. Some want several children, and family means a lot to them. Life and loving people should be a concern for My faithful. The more deeds that you have in your hands when you come to Me at death, the easier it will be to attain heaven.”