Monday, March 8, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the rest of your world does not see when every abortion is done, but up in heaven we see the rose and the guardian angel give witness to every soul that is aborted. Because abortions occur behind closed doors, most people do not realize when this is going on. The mothers and the doctors know, but they treat these babies as a blob of tissue instead of as a human person. They are not given death certificates and these mothers are so callous to even think that they did not kill their children until later. When these mothers realize what they have done, then they can have psychological problems that can require therapy to treat them. Statistics of how many abortions are done may be available, but your people only hear the numbers, and they do not associate these numbers with human lives as in the loss of your soldiers from war. In actuality there is a battle going on between those trying to save these lives, and those who want the right to kill their children in the womb. This is the ultimate in child abuse, but where is the outcry to stop this carnage? Your populations are suffering from not enough live births, and your country will pay for this killing when you are taken over. As you take away the freedoms of these lives to live, so shall your freedoms be taken away from you in My justice.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have been given a difficult mission to warn the people of the coming tribulation. Many of the prophets had to endure persecution and even some were killed. Those, who did not want to hear My message, kept calling Me a blasphemer and wanted to kill Me. So do not be offended if they treat you in a similar manner. Be confident in My help and trust in My protection.”

Camille’s Mass: Camille Remacle said: “I was happy to see Lydia come to my Mass intention along with the rest of you. Tell her how much I love her and I am sending her a spiritual kiss. She is always saying how she never hears anything from me. I honored your request for a sign for her by having the chimes play a song that was at my funeral. I am always happy to give a few words of encouragement for the family to keep them on the right path to heaven. This has been one of my missions from heaven to save souls. I want to thank all of the people and the priests who had the Masses said for my intention. It was these graces that helped get me out of purgatory in a short time. I have seen the power of prayer and the Mass in helping me get to heaven.”