Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you earlier that there would be a big event coming this year. Now I am telling you that it could precipitate a crash in your money system just as you are seeing in the vision how things are going down the drain. Be prepared with extra food. If your power goes out, be prepared with an alternative means for heating your house. You could even see a bank holiday, so have some money on hand, and something to barter with for your needs. If martial law is declared nationwide, you may have to be prepared to go to your refuges. If you do not know where some refuges are, you can call on Me and I will have your guardian angel lead you to the nearest refuge. Many major events could happen this year in addition to your many tornado disasters. You should be prepared when these things happen.”

Jesus said: “My people, there is a lot of imagery in this vision as it represents the hard times in which you are living. Being at sea in a boat represents how you are living on the sea of life. The large dark storm represents the overwhelming evil that is rampant in your world. Even when you trust in Me in your prayers, you know it is impossible to deal with such evil on your own. You are seeing all the signs in your daily events that it is just a matter of time when you will be dealing with mandatory chips in the body, mandatory flu shots, and martial law. This is why you changed your course on the water for the safety of the harbor. The harbor is the safety of My protection that you will find with My angels at My refuges. If you stay in your homes and refuse to seek My refuges, you are risking capture and death by being killed by the one world people in their detention death camps. Coming to My refuges when the time comes is the safest place to be both for your soul and your body. This is why you need to warn your family and friends that the refuges will be your best place to be when the persecution gets bad. Look how Christians are being killed in Muslim countries and communist countries because this will be your future.”