Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you had an intention to have a new DVD made for your talk, and you learned that it is hard to force things by your own work. After several failures, you learned to trust in the novena prayers of St. Therese. When you did the nine days of prayers, your video went well the first time. After your prayer was answered, you did the nine days of the prayers of thanksgiving. It is not just enough to have faith that I will answer your prayer intention, but your novena prayers are like fasting that also shows your trust in St. Therese’s intercession for you. Now, you have other prayer intentions to help you with this Divine Mercy Chapel. You need to plan the bishop’s approval along with any of your building plans. Just as it seemed too simple for Naaman to cleanse seven times in the Jordan River, so it is also simple to start praying your novena prayers to St. Therese, and your intention will have a better hearing from Me.”

For Sue: Jesus said: “My people, Sue’s death was very sudden and her family is mourning her death. She has suffered much in her life, and she is with Me now in heaven. Sue will be praying for her family and consoling them. She loves all of you so much, and she was sorry that she had to leave so suddenly.”

Jesus said: “My people, this large python snake moving about inside a church is another example of how Satan is represented as a serpent who is dividing My Church. Satan is inspiring a division in My Church, and he will be leading many souls astray in a schismatic church that will follow New Age teachings. It will be My faithful remnant that will keep My true apostolic teaching of My words of the Gospel. This good church will teach My love and peace. The schismatic church will teach hate and confusion of the devil. Avoid following any church that promotes New Age principles that worship things, and not Me. My faithful remnant will face persecution from the schismatic church and from your government. When your lives are in danger, I will warn you that it is time to come to My refuges. Give thanks that I have called many people to set up refuges as safe havens for My faithful who will need My protection.”