Monday, March 30, 2009: (Susanna story-Daniel)

Jesus said: “My people, you know that officials in your government and every clergy are sinners with the rest of you. You would hope that people in the public’s eye would know better that people are watching their every move. Still you see drug use, conniving for money, cheating on taxes, and sexual involvements with your public officials. In My Church you have also seen stealing of the collections, and homosexual and heterosexual encounters with My priest sons. It is a scandal in government and in My Church when this happens, but usually these evil doers are removed from their positions, but not always. It is sad when money and power can even let these bad officials get away with their crimes and they stay in office. This corruption among public leaders makes all officials suspicious, which is why many do not trust their government leaders and some do not even trust Church leaders. Pray for your government and Church leaders that they do their job correctly without becoming defiled with worldly wealth or pleasures.”
Jesus said: “My people, there is a large problem with the finances at two of your car manufacturers that required billions of dollars to keep their doors open. But now they are asking for more money to keep going. Your President is showing another grab for power by firing the CEO at GM on his own. Such leaders were not even fired at several of the financial organizations that your government has bailed out. Your government is planning to allow possible bankruptcy to avoid contracts and then support the revival of these car manufacturers with drastic changes required. These drastic actions are risking the loss of your auto manufacturers and the loss of more jobs. Every day there is another government play to nationalize or socialize another industry. It would be better to let markets deal with bankruptcies than prolong bad situations that bailouts will not solve. The heavy deficits caused by your bailouts will bankrupt your country, and there is plenty of manipulation in handling the dispersing of the bailout money. Beware of your huge debts that will be near impossible to finance. When your financial system fails, you will need to go to My refuges to avoid the martial law.”