Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the woman who anointed My feet was criticized for using expensive perfume by Judas, but it was most appropriate for My burial as I stated later. There are many people, like Judas, who say one thing, but it is because they have an ulterior motive for money. In this Gospel account it mentions how the Jewish leaders not only wanted to kill Me, but they also wanted to kill Lazarus since too many were believing in Me because I raised Lazarus from the dead. (John 12:10) This is more evidence that they were more threatened with their loss of their authority than they wanted to kill Me because I stated that I was the Son of God. This same threat to their authority could also be seen when they also wanted to guard the tomb so My disciples could not steal My body. This plan was thwarted when I truly arose from the dead and the soldiers were blinded by My light as the rock blocking the entrance fell aside by itself. The same leaders later paid off the soldiers to spread the story that My disciples did carry off My body, and they would protect them if word of their sleeping was found out. My followers have been persecuted and killed to this day because Satan is behind trying to stop My Word from spreading. I call on My faithful to proclaim their faith from the rooftops, and do not be fearful of any restraints or criticism. Another time of persecution is coming when you will need to seek My safety at My refuges. Trust in Me in reaching out to save souls.”

(Camille’s Mass intention) Camille said: “It is hard to believe how many Masses that you had said for me because you are always coming to another one. I am still grateful for all of your efforts on my behalf. It is spring now and I am thinking how you people are going to keep my garden going. It takes plenty of digging, and you need to keep adding organic things to it in order to keep it loose. If you are going to keep the house, it needs grass cutting, and cleaning up the cones and other limbs. I am not there to take care of it myself, so you have to be my arms and legs. I loved that garden, when I was on the earth, as if it was a part of me. I am happy that you all could attend the Mass, and I look forward to talking to all of you. You know how much I liked to talk. I also was grateful that you helped Lydia look into getting some hearing aids.”