Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people,  both of today’s readings have to do with sins of the flesh.  In Daniel the two elders were lusting for Susanna, and in the Gospel I was tested by the people with a woman who was found committing adultery.  I did not condemn her, but I told her to sin no more.  I also told the people that whoever had no sin could throw the first stone.  I wrote their sins in the dirt, and they slowly went away, one by one.  Sexual sins are the most committed sins.  These sins are adultery, fornication,  homosexual acts, and even people using birth control devices.  The lust in the heart, and sexual attraction can cause many sins, so you have to control your passions.  Even impure thoughts need to be confessed, as some are drawn into pornography and prostitution.  There are many people who make money on mankind’s sexual desires.  Even women who do not properly cover themselves, are tempting the men to sin.  I created this sexual drive in people to provide for procreation, but not to be abused for pleasure only.  People need to live chaste lives, and not be controlled by their earthly desires of the flesh.”

Jesus said: “My people, you see how brutal ISIS is in beheading people and taking over parts of Syria and Iraq.  Once your troops left Iraq, you are seeing ISIS and Iran fighting to take over Iraq.  You are fearful of these terrorists, but I tell you it is the evil ones that are controlling the one world people, who will threaten you the most.  The masons and the Zionists worship Satan, and they take their orders directly from Satan.  These are the people controlling the money, and they control your governments.  These are the ones who are planning to crash your money, and take over your government.  These Godless people have placed a large force of mercenary soldiers at many camps all around your country that are from various foreign countries.  These are the soldiers who will try and force your people to take the mark of the beast in a computer chip.  This is why you will need to come to My refuges to avoid being captured and killed by these soldiers dressed in black.  Trust in Me to protect you and feed you at My refuges.”