Monday, March 23, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you see people dying every day, but you do not expect younger people to be killed. In other words you may be living today, but you cannot promise yourself that you will be alive tomorrow. This is why I keep telling you to live for this moment, and not in the future or in the past. In the recent plane crashes, you can see why you need to be spiritually ready to die every day. I could call you home any day in an accident. You do not have to be old to die. In order to be spiritually ready, use this Lent to repent of your sins in Confession at least monthly, have a good prayer life, and do not keep grudges or any feelings of not being able to forgive someone in your heart. Clear your mind, heart, and soul of any sin or feeling that could hold you back from going to heaven. In this way you will always have a clean, pure soul for the day that you will die, which you do not know. This freedom of any worry about dying will allow you to fulfill your mission more easily by trusting in Me for everything.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of your Wall Street people were happy to hear that your government was willing to help remove the toxic assets, that were not performing, off the books of the banks. The banks have taken some write downs on these loans, but what percentage was this of their original value? The original loans were leveraged at about $10 to $1 of capital, but the Wall Street derivatives of collateralized loans were leveraged from $40 to $1 of capital. The trillions of dollars needed to unwind these debt instruments may be too much for even the Federal Reserve to finance. This is why the banks were reluctant to take any more losses to take these assets off of their books. If they did so, these obligations would make these large banks bankrupt. This is also why it is hard to know who owns the individual loans to start with. All of this information is being hidden from the people because your money is about to become worthless when the Federal Reserve produces trillions of dollars out of thin air to back your deficits. This monetized debt will increase the physical money supply in your printing presses to dilute your money to a fraction of its original worth. Once this becomes a public reality, your financial system will collapse, and create the opportunity for a takeover by the one world people in a martial law declaration. Prepare to go to your refuges as your economy is about to fail. Trust in Me to protect you from these evil ones.”