Monday, March 22, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, this account of Susanna (Daniel 13:1-64) being attacked by the two elders, is a story of man’s lust for women. I created a desire in man for the purpose of reproduction, but only in the environment of a proper marriage with a commitment of love between a man and a woman. Man in his weakness of lust has committed many sins of fornication and adultery throughout history, and this is a mortal sin against My Sixth Commandment. The most souls go to hell committing these sins of the flesh. That is why this account is a good lesson against such behavior because you saw the consequences of the elders’ behavior which was death by their own accusations. In another political scene of your Congress, you have seen a raping of the people’s will against the current Health Bill that was voted into law and included taxpayer funding for abortion. Even in the face of public opinion against this bill, your Congress passed this legislation which could have serious control over your people that could even bankrupt your country with unforeseen expenses of another entitlement program. I told you that these events would move quickly, and you are seeing this come to pass. Helping the poor to have health care may be a worthy goal, but the controls , taxpayer paid abortions, and the expense will become a physical and spiritual burden on your people. These political actions could create a great upheaval among your people in the years to come.”

Jesus said: “My people, beware of the New Age teachings which try to make a religion out of worshiping the earth, moon, stars, crystals, and even old Egyptian goddesses as Isis. In other words worshiping inanimate objects is not anything new at all, but the old tricks of the devil to take your mind off of worshiping and loving Me. I am a living and loving Person, but the devil hates man, so why do you listen to him? His promises only lead you to death and eternal suffering in hell, but I lead you to eternal life in the beauty of heaven and to My beatific vision of love, peace, and perfection in your soul. You can only find these things with Me as you follow My ways and My Commandments. Do not be misled by curiosities and promises of fortunes and wealth in this world because all of these things will pass away and where will your soul be judged? There is only heaven or hell, so choose to follow your loving Lord to heaven, and avoid temptations for anything else.”