Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel there were many parallels of your behavior to My response. As you love Me and others, I will love you. When you pardon someone, I will pardon you. When you help someone, I will help you. Whatever measure you use to deal with people, that measure will be used for you, only I will go an extra mile with My mercy. You have a golden rule of do unto others how you would want them to do to you. I ask My faithful to go even further in loving your enemies, and going beyond what others expect of you, even when you volunteer without being asked. For everything that you do beyond what is expected, you will gain graces in heaven. This Mass was joined with many other Masses in reparation for the sins of America. I have given you messages of how America will suffer from natural disasters as a punishment for your many abortions. By the grace of these Masses, I will mitigate the damage of the severe earthquakes that will be coming, and minimize the number of fatalities. You have prayed before for the salvation of the souls that will die suddenly in these earthquakes, both in California and on the New Madrid fault. Keep praying for this intention and for the stoppage of abortions in America.”

(Fr. Donald McCarthy’s Funeral Mass) Fr. Donald said: “Hello, John, this is the last time that you will have to sign in my book. I enjoyed the many years that you shared Jesus’ messages with me. I also enjoyed your many pictures and gifts that you shared with me. I missed you a bit toward the end, but now I am freed from this disease of the mind. I am in no pain or discomfort, and I am sharing the joy of being in the Presence of my Savior. I give my love to all of My brother priests, and especially those in my Basilian Order. Thank Fr. Travato for an excellent homily. I also am happy to see Bishop Matthew who offered up the Mass of my funeral. I give thanks for all of my friends who came to show me their love, as I love all of you as well. I will be praying for all of you.”