Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the opening in the clouds is to remind you that My death on the cross opened the gates of heaven to those worthy to enter. Since Adams’s sin until My death, the gates of heaven were closed to everyone. Now, because of My mercy and sacrifice, all purified souls are washed with My Blood and are now acceptable to enter heaven. Still coming to heaven for My faithful is not always right away. Some have suffered their purgatory on earth and can enter after their death. Most of My faithful people require purification in purgatory, but some other people are being lost to hell forever. It is My faithful’s responsibility to try and bring as many souls as possible to Me so they can be saved from hell. This choice of loving Me or not is a life decision that every soul makes, and you will be judged accordingly. Choose life therefore, so you can be on the right path to the gates of heaven that I have opened to receive those that follow My Will.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a rock crumbling away is a picture of America’s financial system. In the beginning the cracks appear to be fixable by your Federal Reserve assisting the ailing mortgage lenders. Soon you will realize how greed and over leveraging has put many financial institutions into low cash worth. The extremely high wages and commissions of the lenders CEOs and employees have eroded their net worth until few buyers are willing to risk in their stock. This lack of confidence in these investments will make it impossible to bail out smaller companies. Those, who have the mortgages, will need to be allowed to refinance lower loans for their house’s current value at their current interest, or the foreclosures will leave the mortgage lenders with unsaleable homes. All the government support for the mortgage lenders will have to help their loan markdowns for individuals. If stability cannot be found, a true crash will occur. The one world people could utilize this apparent financial breakdown to their own advantage in taking over your country to cause everyone to have a chip put in their body. If riots and looting begins, My people will need to go to their refuges for protection from the chips and those looking for food. Pray for My protection in these turbulent times and trust in Me to provide for your needs.”