Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011: (Jim White’s Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a flower open as you will soon see when spring arrives and the weather warms up. Many of you have grown weary of this snow on the ground, and you would like to work in your garden. This is a nice comparison to a pure soul that has the odor of sanctity and is beaming with a bright light of grace. My faithful need to keep their souls cleansed so they can be My beacons of faith, and people can be converted and share in My love. You also want to help your neighbors in their needs because you are helping Me in them. You do not want to meet Me at your judgment, and I find that you did not help My little ones. I will separate the lambs on the right into heaven, but the goats on the left will be cast into hell. Do what you can every day to share your love with Me in prayer and with your neighbor in good deeds. Then when I meet you at your death, you will eventually be welcomed into your eternal resting place with Me in heaven.”
Note: I saw a younger Jim White in heaven as a result of all the Masses that were offered up for him.

Jesus said: “My people, this HAARP machine can be used as a weapon to attack any place that the one world people desire to cause harmful floods, droughts, or earthquakes. They could even blackmail nations who do not go along with their plans. The next targets for making earthquakes will be the New Madrid fault and the San Andreas fault in California. I have shown you several visions earlier of earthquakes in these areas. An earthquake on the New Madrid fault would be catastrophic because all the energy would be felt through the rock splitting apart. Earthquakes underwater or on a coastline would have the energy go into the water. Remember when you see an aurora borealis of colors, look out after for a major earthquake. I also told you that when the San Andreas fault has an earthquake, it could trigger off the Yellowstone super volcano. When all of these events happen, America will be so damaged that martial law will guarantee an imminent takeover. If the HAARP machine could be inactivated, much of this destruction could be prevented. You will not hear over your censored news channels any word of the threat of the HAARP machine. It is a carefully guarded secret. Yet there is information available for the people to learn of HAARP’s capabilities. I will one day bring My Comet of Chastisement to end all of these evil deeds and cast these evil ones into hell. Trust in My protection at My refuges where no harm will befall My faithful,even during the tribulation.”