Monday, March 10, 2008: (Susanna, Daniel 13:1-62)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s first reading of Susanna showed you how the lust of the two elders caused them to try to defile Susanna. When they could not have their way with her, they tried to use their authority as judges to have Susanna put to death. But Daniel convicted them of perjury against her and they were killed. There are those with power and money who try to Lord it over innocent victims in your own court system. I called the lawyers to task for their lack of justice. (Luke 11:46, 52) ‘Woe to you lawyers also! Because you load men with oppressive burdens, and you yourselves with one of your fingers do not touch the burdens. Woe to you lawyers! Because you have taken away the key of knowledge; you have not entered yourselves, and those who were entering you have hindered.’ In My day it was the tax collectors who stole from the people, and today it is your lawyers who charge outrageous fees for the least little things. Just as in the end the elders were brought to My justice, so anyone who abuses your court system will also be brought to My justice.”
(Ray Buonemani Funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, Ray has died before you and he had a loving and generous heart in fighting for the unborn. He had compassion even for the mothers that needed counseling and help to avoid having an abortion. The Women’s Care Center is a great work that he can be proud of, and he urged many to help save My babies through helping the women in their needs. The miracle of the bleeding cross at this place, also was a testimony to Ray’s efforts to save the unborn. If you had more people with his zeal, more babies could be saved. Ray loved his family even amidst some trials, but he was there for them even besides his illnesses. Remember his love and concern for others as a model for your lives.”