Monday, June 30, 2008: (Pat Miller’s funeral Mass)

Pat said: “I want to tell Myles and my children how much I love them and thank them for all of the many years of caring for Me. As you can see in the vision, I am with Jesus, the angels, and all of my Right to Life friends. Thank you for sharing many years at your prayer group meetings. I will be watching over all of my family, so call on me as I am constantly praying for you. When I was alive, I still wanted to care for people, even beyond my infirmities. Thank all of you for coming to my wake and funeral. God will reward you for all of your kindnesses to me.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of your churches are showing the effects of modernism in shedding many of your traditions and ornate looking churches. By removing the statues, and placing My tabernacle outside of the main church in a back room, you are seeing less reverence for My Blessed Sacrament. The most targeted attacks of the devil are focused on removal of My Blessed Sacrament and reverence for My Real Presence. This is why they hide My tabernacle from the people, and encourage you to stand at the Consecration and receive Holy Communion in the hand while standing. If you truly believe that My Body and Blood are present in My consecrated Hosts, then you would genuflect in front of Me and receive Me on the tongue with bowing or kneeling to show your reverence for My Real Presence. Educating the people about Adoration is why I want you to pray and work on another DVD so My people can understand the teaching of My Body and Blood that is present under the appearances of bread and wine. Pray that My faithful will come to know and understand the transubstantiation that goes on at the Mass during the Consecration.”