Monday, June 22, 2009: (St. John Fisher & St. Thomas More)

Jesus said: “My people, when I asked you to prepare your backpacks for leaving for your refuges, you acquired what you needed, but you were slow to put it all together. It was in going through the actual practice of loading your backpack that you realize what you need and how much will fit into your bag. You would not realize this unless you actually prepared for it. The same can be said for going camping. It was then that you realized you could not find your tent, so you had to purchase a larger one, but not too heavy. This enabled you to have hammers, matches, windup flashlights, water bottles, and all that you need for camping. See how these exercises prepare you better for your actual leaving for My refuges. Be prepared spiritually and physically as you will have many difficulties in living outdoors that you did not expect. Pray for My help in all of your preparations.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have had some experiences in preparing meals outdoors so you can see how difficult it can be. You also are conscious of outdoor noises of the animals and insects. This is just a little taste of now rustic living can be a trial. Once you arrive at My refuges, you will have My angels to protect you, and I will multiply your food and water. Have no fear because My angels will make you invisible. When you are hungry sometimes, you will be thankful for My many gifts. Trust in My care for you, and you will have nothing to worry about.”