Monday, June 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of you come to Mass on Sunday, but how many live My Gospel message all of the other days of the week? It is one thing to hear and read the words of Scripture, but it is another to put these words to work in your actions. You say one thing with your lips, but your actions may be saying something else. This vision of the places where you shop asks the question if people can identify you in the world as acting with Christian values and virtues. You need to be consistently faithful and do not act like a hypocrite who says one thing, but does another. By your good deeds and actions you can evangelize more souls than just by your words alone. Your good example to others is your best witness or testimony to My words of the Gospel. You are tempted by the evil one to sin every day, so it takes spiritual strength and endurance to keep faithful. You may not see much reward for your good actions in this life, but you surely will see your reward in the next life. So be strong in your daily life by a good prayer life and you will remain united with Me in your heart which directs all of your actions.”
Jesus said: “My people, this large sand box represents a situation in the Middle East where there is a threat of nuclear weapons being used or manufactured. The large clear plastic enclosure means that this is being viewed by the whole world. The threats by the Iranian president to annihilate Israel have Israel’s leaders thinking of a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Israel in the past has attacked Arab countries when they threatened to make nuclear weapons. It is the United States that is holding Israel back, but this will not go on for long if Iran develops nuclear bombs. With China and Russia backing Iran, any pre-emptive attacks could involve wider complications in a possible war. Any war in this area could cause oil prices to increase as supplies of oil could be threatened. Pray, My people, that peace will be maintained in this region, or a worse war could result. See the need for praying more rosaries for peace.”