Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you have read the story of how Jezebel had Naboth killed by her false accusations so King Ahab could obtain Naboth’s vineyard. (1 Kings 21:3) There is such a phrase as a ‘Jezebel spirit’ and it refers to someone who acts like Jezebel in a ruthless manner of control. She was a believer in Baal and she tried to remove all of My prophets in Israel. She also had shrines to Baal erected in their place. It was Elijah who defeated the prophets of Baal, and he had them all killed, despite Jezebel’s attempts to kill him. There are many evil people in this world, and you may have to confront the evil that they are doing. Do not use physical weapons to fight evil, but call on Me and My angels to deal with such evil. Even Jezebel and many evil people have been removed as punishment for their evil deeds. Keep your blessed sacramentals on you for a defense against the evil spirits. By trusting in Me, I will deal with the evil around you, and I will bring My victory against these evil ones in My time. Using Confession can keep your souls free from sin, and that is why I showed you these confessionals in the vision.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that your freedoms would be taken away from you one by one. You have a situation in America where your Executive Branch is taking over more power from your Congress in regard to immigration, war powers, printing money, and many violations of your Bill of Rights. Executive orders are being passed that are definitely in violation of your Constitution, and your personal liberties. Even your courts are making laws without Congress. The one world people are directing a takeover of your country, and you do not even put up a fight over your freedoms that are being taken away. Eventually, you will have a dictatorship of the new world order that will be seeking to kill those who believe in God. When your lives are in danger from the coming martial law, I will warn you when it is time to seek safety at My refuges. My angels will make you invisible to your enemies so you will not need weapons. Trust in My caring for you in this modern day Exodus, so you should have no fear and only peace in My love.”