Monday, June 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, at times people are a little down, as King Ahab, when they cannot have their own way. It is the devious behavior of Jezebel that is an evil response to this situation with Ahab not getting his vineyard. To trump up charges against your neighbor and have them killed for your own gain is truly evil and worthy of My judgment against such people. You already have less severe laws that allow governments to condemn someone’s land and sell it to developers to make more property taxes. This method of making up false stories for people to start wars has been the standard ruthless behavior of the one world people for almost every war that you have been involved in. This is why people should be more against war, or at least seek to examine the truth of the causes. In the Gospel I asked My people not to fight these evil ones, but leave their judgment up to My justice. In the same way, let My angels protect you and I will destroy the evil ones in the coming tribulation. Be always loving and do not let Satan disturb your spiritual peace.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen various people who have been given special gifts. Some can speak to the souls in purgatory; some converse with angels; some have inner locutions or apparitions; and some have gifts to talk with the deceased. You have read books about messages from the souls in purgatory, and these souls have no evil, nor can they be influenced any longer from demons. Pray for people who have such gifts that they can discern any demons trying to pose as souls in purgatory. In this same book the old lady could tell the difference in one account when demons came to her. You also know of people with locutions and apparitions. Again My Church is cautious in testing all visionaries and the authenticity of their messages. Every time that you receive a message, you need to test the spirit for the truth. Gifts to receive messages from the deceased at their funeral are another openness to receive the last words of that soul to their family. At times you also receive a knowledge of where they are being judged. All of these gifts are a help to understand My judgments, and how souls do go to heaven, purgatory, or hell when their body dies. Your soul lives on forever because it is immortal, but your body only lives here a short time and dies. Follow My Commandments and give yourself over to My Will, and you will find your reward in heaven.”