Monday, June 15, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when you start your day with Mass and Holy Communion, you go forth from church with My grace in your soul. This bright light that you see is another day of challenges, but you are radiating out your own light of joy to go forward in My Will. As you consecrate everything over to Me at the Consecration of the Mass, everything that you do is offered up to Me as a prayer. My grace is with you to defend you from the temptations of the devil. This is a hard Gospel for some to not seek revenge for anything done to them by another person. You need to forgive others of any injustices done to you, even as you seek to be forgiven of your own sins against Me and other people. How can you harbor a grudge against others when you want to be forgiven of your own transgressions? This is why you need to forgive and forget others’ sins against you, as I forgive and forget your sins. This is not easy because of your earthly roots, but it is a higher moral order that I am calling My faithful to follow. I have called you not to make a defense of your mission and My messages. It is enough to hear My Word and let the people discern the truth of My words. Go and live My message of forgiveness all of the time, and you will be living My Word.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are many cures of various diseases that your scientists have discovered. Some of these involve cancer, heart problems, breathing problems, and various organ problems. Some scientists have a problem understanding miracle cures. Yet by faith you know miracle cures can be granted. When a person with healing gifts prays over someone, there is a grace of healing energy that goes out to the person being prayed over. For healings to take place both the person and the healer have to have faith that I can heal them of some disease or problem part of the body. When you pray for someone’s healing, offer up your Masses and prayers in a novena. You have some prayers for the sick in your Pieta prayer book. Have confidence in My healing power and you will witness many miracles.”