Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013:
Jesus said: “My son, I have called you to spread My message of love in the Gospel, and to prepare the people for the coming tribulation in these end times. I call you to a life of prayer and service to My people. In the Gospel on the Beatitudes, these are the ways that I want My people to live. By being meek and faithful to imitating My life, then all of you will be able to separate yourselves from the evils of your society. The people around you will see your different lifestyle, and you can give others a good example. You may be rejected and even persecuted by some for My Name, but I still want you to love everyone and forgive them of any harm. By following My ways and not the ways of the world, you will be blessed in all that you do for Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is going to be difficult for most people to endure living at a refuge because you have been spoiled with so many time-saving devices. It is not easy to live a more rustic life without the comfort of hot showers, and little, or no electricity. I know it will be hard on My faithful to suffer through a long tribulation time. I have told you that I am speeding up the time for the sake of My elect, so I can shorten this time of tribulation. This acceleration of time will be a continuous shortening of time to limit this 3½ years so the tribulation will be more bearable. This tribulation time will also be a purgatory on earth. So by speeding up the time, I am shortening your purgatory time as well. You will rejoice in My Era of Peace as this will be your reward for being faithful to Me.”