Monday, June 1, 2009: (St. Justin)

Jesus said: “My people, this scene represents the time of the judgment of souls. The dividing wall represents the abyss that separated the good souls from the evil souls. On the left side are all the souls who were given opportunities to know and love Me, but they rejected Me, and by their pride they refused to ask forgiveness for their sins. These are the souls that you see the demons pushing down into the flames of hell for all eternity. On the right side of the dividing wall there were souls who believed in Me as their Lord, Master, and Savior. They also were humble enough to ask the forgiveness of their sins. These souls saw Me up in heaven as My angels brought them to Me. Every soul that enters heaven has to come through Me at the gates. Woe to that soul whom I tell that I do not know them, for they will be condemned to hell. When you come to your judgment, you will be judged on how you loved Me and how you loved your neighbor. To know and love Me, you must pray to Me daily and do good works for those in need. Practice worshiping Me and adoring your Creator because you will be singing My praises for all eternity. Shun the world’s desires and detach yourself from anything worldly so you can focus all of your attention on Me. Live a simple life of faith without desiring the world’s wealth and comforts. Satan will send you all kinds of distractions and temptations to put Me out of your life. Those, who shut Me out of their lives and have no one praying for their salvation, are on the road to hell if they do not change before their death. Come to Me and be saved, and I will forgive your sins before it is too late, or you will be lost to the eternal flames of hell.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are living in perilous and troubled times that are testing your faith dearly. This vision of hanging on to a lifeline in the middle of a tornado is how you need to depend on Me to get you through each day. By yourself it is too hard to fight off the undercurrents of worldly concerns and the devil’s temptations. This is why you need to call on My help in all that you do, and especially for spiritual protection against the evils of today. Many, who depended on their own finances to live, are in turmoil with lost money in the stock market, low interest on savings, and heavy unemployment. You are in need of My help at all times, but especially in providing a living in these hard times. I know your needs, but you need to call on Me and have trust in My helping you. The spiritual storm over your soul is more important than keeping your body alive. Protect your soul with daily prayer and frequent Confession, as well as wearing your blessed sacramentals. By keeping in My graces, your soul will be alive instead of dead in mortal sin. Call on My help to guide you in your physical and spiritual lives, and you will survive in both body and soul.”